Tuesday 10 November 2020

Handel, ecology and a recently discovered bacteria: L'Apothéose - Ideonella Sakaiensis

Spanish period instrument ensemble, L'Apothéose has released a new video Ideonella Sakaiensis. Joining forces with animators Chow Juan and Camila Insua, using the ensemble's performance of the musette from Handel's Trio Sonata No. 2, Op. 5 in D, HWV 397 and produced by La Favorita, the video has a clear ecological message about protection of our environment.

The video's title, Ideonella Sakaiensis, is that name of a bacteria discovered in 2016 by Japanese researcher which is capable of degrading plastic in a few weeks. The members of the ensemble comment that the organism 'could be the key to start disintegrating one of the most damaging materials of the pollution of our planet But for the moment, this discovery is not enough to revert the grave situation in which we are living'

The video's engaging story is set to music by Handel, which comes from the ensemble's recent disc [see my review], yet it also has a strong message that the ensemble wishes to convey, that for them the fundamental legacy they leave behind, should not only be musical but also human.

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