Monday 23 November 2020

New partnership between Music Masters and YCAT gets underway

Randall Goosby (Photo Kaupo Kikkas)
Randall Goosby (Photo Kaupo Kikkas)
This has been a tricky year for organisations like the music education charity Music Masters, when bringing artists and children together has been difficult. A new partnership is intended to bring a new strand of inspiration to the children's experiences, as artists from YCAT (Young Classical Artists Trust) will be giving Meet the Artist sessions by Zoom in which they talk about their life and music, and perform music. 

It is an important part of an artist's development to work within the community and to educate children and young people, so the YCAT artists will be challenged to design and deliver sessions themselves, with support from the Music Masters team. The sessions will engage with 350 students within the year, and they being this week with recorder player Tabea Debus.

The new partnership builds on last years' partnership where the American violinist Randall Goosby, was named the inaugural Robey Artist with YCAT in partnership with Music Masters, undertaking an ambassadorial role with Music Masters, working closely with the young learners to become an inspirational classical role model.

Music Masters was founded in 2008 by Victoria Robey and Prof. Itzhak Rashkovsky, teaching 1,165 children each week to play the violin or the cello. Of these children, 41% are eligible for free school meals, whilst in some of its schools, up to 70% of children come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Further information from the Music Masters website.

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