Wednesday 29 September 2021

Bach with a Bang: Cotswold Festival of Music

Bonfire Night concert on 5 November 2021 in the church of St Peter  & St Paul, Northleach

The Costwold Festival of Music is returning to live events with a bang. The festival is presenting a Bonfire Night concert on 5 November 2021 in the church of St Peter  & St Paul, Northleach. Harpsichordist Steven Devine (the festival's director of music) will be directing The Devine Musick Baroque Ensemble in a programme of Baroque music. He will be joined by harpsichordist Robin Bigwood for Bach's Concerto for Two Harpsichords in C Major, BWV 1061, plus Telemann's delightful Overture-Suite 'Don Quichotte' and an anonymous 18th century string arrangement of Handel's Water Music.

The surviving versions of Bach's harpsichord concertos were probably created for the Collegium Musicum in Leipzig which Bach directed in the 1730s and 1740s, though the harpsichord parts are often based on earlier works and many are transcriptions of pre-existing concertos (by Bach and by others). The two harpsichord concerto in C major seems to be the only one which is not a transcription, though it started out as a work for two harpsichords alone, and the orchestral accompaniment may not be by Bach.

The Collegium Musicum performed at Zimmerman's Coffee House in Leipzig (indoors in the Winter but in the Summer there was a garden), and the concert will evoke this setting by placing the audience at tables in the round.

Full details from the Cotswold Festival of Music website

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