Tuesday 16 May 2023

Choir and six acoustic guitars: Danish ensemble Cirklen's debut album, Genklang

Cirklen-Genklang-excerpt from WE GO on Vimeo.

On 26 May 2023, the Danish guitar sextet Cirklen releases its debut album, Genklang (Danish for 'resonance'), a collaboration between the sextet and the Danish choir ensemble MidtVest Girls' Choir, featuring music composed for the unusual constellation of six acoustic guitars and classical choir.  

Composed by Niels Bjerg and Anders Holst for their guitar ensemble Cirklen Genklang was originally commissioned in 2020 by Vestervig Church. After having been performed in several Danish churches, Genklang will now be released in a recorded version – recorded in Herning Valgmenighedskirke and in KoncertKirken at Blågaards Plads in Copenhagen. Despite having been active since 2009 with a variety of pieces, collaborations and concert formats (spanning techno, sound art and contemporary dance) Genklang is Cirklen’s first official release.

The album features music that enters into dialogue with the architecture of the church and the sounds and associations which are traditionally connected to its vast reverb. The album will be released digitally and on vinyl with hand-printed covers by Danish artist Pernille Gjørup Bruhn.

Full details from Cirklen's website.

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