Friday 1 December 2023

Tair Llythyren | La mamma morta | Three Letters

To mark World AIDS Day 2023, Welsh National Opera has released a special new version of La mamma morta, featuring WNO Orchestra, soprano Camilla Roberts and Nathaniel Hall from Channel 4's It’s a Sin

A famous scene from the Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington movie Philadelphia (1993) has been readdressed in La mamma morta.A brand-new recording of the aria plays over recreated scenes that better encapsulate the perspectives of people living with HIV today and reflect on the remarkable developments around HIV that have occurred over the last three decades since Philadelphia was first released.

Nathanial J Hall said: 'Philadelphia exists in a canon of work about HIV and AIDS - along with Angels in America and Rent – and whilst these are all incredible pieces of work, they focus on HIV as life-limiting because of the time-period they cover. It's important now to use storytelling and music to celebrate how far we've come and raise awareness of the modern-day realities of living with HIV. Sadly, people still face stigma, discrimination and rejection from others because of this virus and there's absolutely no reason why they should.’

Released as part of the last rendition in our Three Letters project, this film aims to tackle societal stigma around HIV. See on YouTube.

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