Thursday 14 April 2005

Demonstration and Communication

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I've just taken delivery of a new batch of Demo discs. We've unpicked the various FifteenB concert recordings that I've done over the years and stitched the results together onto a series of themed discs (Sacred Music, Cantatas, Orchestral Music, Song Cycles, Opera). The results have come out well.

I took advantage of the march of technology to have the video of my opera 'Garrett' transferred to DVD. The video was made by a friend who does wedding videos as a side-line, so is not superb quality but is a record. I was warned that the resulting DVD's would not play in all DVD players, but that 90% of them would play the discs OK.

Such is the perversity of things that the new DVD's do not play on our, admittedly rather fancy, DVD player. Ho hum, I'll need to find a kind friend, before I can actually see them.

For the concert in July (promoted by FifteenB but using professional singers rather than our usual amateurs) I'm experimenting with using a professional firm to write and mail the principal press release. Its not overly expensive and their list of press contacts seems to be rather greater than mine. It will be interesting to see how their press release text compares with those that I produce.

I have ended up writing press releases for a number of groups that I am involved with. Some, like FifteenB, partly because I am in charge of the group; other groups I've ended up doing publicity because I've done it before - such is the way of things in amateur groups.

But the July concert is my 50th birthday celebration so I'm partly celebrating by having people do things for me, for once I'll allow myself the luxury of a little idleness (well that's the theory!).

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