Wednesday 6 April 2005

Performances of sorts

Music and Vision have just published my latest article about Dame Nellie Melba's rather curious Wagnerian episode, when she sang Brunnhilde at the Met. A most unlikely combination of singer and song.

The programme has just been produced for the London Festival of Contemporary Church music which takes place at St. Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, London NW1 from 7th to 15th May. The FifteenB consort are back on the road, giving a performance of my Missa Simplex at the Festival on Tuesday May 10th at 5.30pm.

The full programme includes a varied selection of music from composers as diverse as myself, Paul Ayres, Christopher Batchelor, Michael Finissey, Michael Berkeley and Diana Burrell. It is well worth investigating and helps give the lie to the idea that contemporary church music is dead.

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