Wednesday 5 July 2006

Reductio ad absurdam

I seem to be in piano reduction mode at the moment. I'm doing one for my new piece Ursi Carmina which is going to be premiered on Nov. 18th at the London Concord Singers 40th anniversary concert. I am also scheduled to do one for my new mass (now complete, hurrah). I find it is useful therapy doing these as playing through the resulting part can result in all sorts of interesting ideas cropping up. I also provides an alternative view of the shape of the piece.

Now that the new Mass is complete (well, in the first draft) I need to find a name for it. Calling it Mass in A minor seems rather a cop out, especially as though each movement starts in A minor, they very rarely stay in that key very long. The Mass is built round the renaissance idea of each movement starting from the same incipit. So perhaps, Incipit Mass (????), or even Mass which starts in A minor - this might sound better in Latin, I suppose.

Despite the wonders of modern technology, I'm curious to hear the new mass sung by real voices so hope to have a sing through in August. I'll report back!

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