Thursday 24 February 2011

Old Theatre programmes

Charlotte Higgins has an interesting post on the Guardian site about what to do with old theatre programmes. Some of mine have been in the attic for 30 years (first my parents attic and now mine). In a fit of enthusiasm I have sorted them into boxes by year and type and am now in the process of cataloguing the opera ones.

This has thrown up some interesting information, casting my eye over the cast lists of the operas we saw at the RNCM when students in the 70's I find that I heard such people as John Rawnsley, Richard Berkeley Steele and Robin Leggate. But there were shocks to, realising that we hadn't seen Norman Bailey as Wotan in The Valkyrie in 1975 (which means of course that though I associated Bailey with the role I never did see him in it).

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