Wednesday 28 November 2012

Cello Pilgrimage - over £50

Orlando Joplin's Cello (detail) - photo credit Katie Hyams
The newsletter for the Friends of the National Churches Trust popped into my letterbox recently. Skimming through it, amongst the information about grants given to churches, was a note about Orlando Jopling and his Cello Pilgrimage. Orlando Jopling has now given over 75 recitals of Bach's Suites for solo cello, in an amazing variety of churches, from huge light-filled Wren masterpieces in city centres to intimate and atmospheric medieval churches on remote moorland. And so far raised over £50,000.

Virtually all the door money goes towards helping support historic churches. Jopling performs without a fee, just with expenses and relying on the sales of CD's at the end of the concert (Jopling's recording of the Bach Cello Suites was issued in 2012). We have just missed Jopling's recital at St James, Alveston, Warwickshire, but there is a full programme of concerts for 2013, starting with St. Bartholomew the Great in London on 5 March 2012. See the Cello Pilgrimage website for details (they also have recording of him playing the prelude to Suite No. 1 in G major).

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