Wednesday 8 July 2015

We make the top 10!

Planet Hugill is currently number 2 in the list of top UK Classical Music Blogs compiled by Cision the PR Software, Marketing and Media Relations firm.

Ranking blogs is far more of a black art than the old print newspapers, which went only on circulation and so lists like those from Cision are helpful in supporting us as they combine traffic stats with other social media indicators (such as how many times we've been re-tweeted).

Many of the others on the list are old friends and in case you are interested the full list is:

1. Jessica Duchen’s Classical Music Blog
2. Planet Hugill
3. The Cross-Eyed Pianist 
4. Boulezian 
5. British Classical Music: The Land of Lost Content
6. Where’s Runnicles?
7. Richard Bratby
8. new:dots
9. Classical Iconoclast
10. The Official two Moors Festival Blog

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