Wednesday 23 September 2015

Exploring Radulescu's Sound Icons

Horatio Radulescu (1942-2008), a Romanian spectral composer, created an instrument whe he named ‘The Sound Icon’. Drawing upon Eastern Orthodoxy and contemporary spectral music, he upended grand pianos, stripped them of their mechanical components and retuned the strings to create a stark instrument with a unique sonority. Radulescu was a somewhat eccentric figure, and though his music owed something to the French spectral school in many ways it was very different. 

Now Filthy Lucre, who create contemporary music nights which move from classical to experimental through to club night, are exploring Radulescu's Sound Icons. Sculptor Peter Shenai will create two Sound Icons, crafting the piano’s detritus (hammers, keys, lids) into new ways of interacting with the piano (stands, stools, mallets). And then there will be a chance to hear them on 2 October at a concert at Shapes, Hackney with the Filthy Lucre Orchestra directed by William Cole. Then the Sound Icons will be displayed in an interactive exhibition at Somerset House from 2 - 15 November 2015.

For the concert on 2 October, Radulescu's Intimate Portals will be performed for the first time in the UK with live Sound Icons rather than pre-recorded tape. Also in the programme will be Gerard Grisey's Partiels, a new improvisatory work by Sharon Gal using the Sound Icons, Kerry Andrew performing covers of Caribou, Bjork, Animal Collective and more, finally My Panda Shall Fly will be mixing amplified Sound Icons into a DJ set!

The exhibition, in Somerset House will include opportunities to interact with the Sound Icons, take part in workshop and even book recording sessions. More information from the Filthy Lucre website.

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