Sunday 4 September 2016

Young talent at Handel's house

Hunter Coblentz, composer in residence at Handel & Hendrix in London
Hunter Coblentz, composer in residence at Handel & Hendrix in London
Amongst the many delights on offer this Autumn at Handel & Hendrix in London (formerly the Handel House Museum) a number of series really catch the eye. I have already written about the new Friday Lates with the improvising opera company, Impropera. Also worth catching are the concerts curated by the composer-in-residence, Hunter Coblenz, as well as the series being given by the museum's young artists, Handel House Talent, Eleanor Minney, Aidan Phillips, Olwen Foulkes, Mirjam Munzel, Satoko Doi-Luck and John Crockatt.

Hunter Coblentz series Creating a New Soundworld explores how both baroque and contemporary composers experimented with the capabilities of instruments. Music will include a new piece by Coblentz Sun-UP for soprano (Alice Privett), cello and live electronics, so that the cello is digitally manipulated. Mainly Two (Marie Schreer and John Garner) will explore the way composers create new sound-worlds on just two violins, whilst Sam Cave will push the classical guitar to its limits. Recorder player Rosie Land will give the first complete performance of Andrew Crossley's Circular Auditorium - Inner Cycle for recorders and electronics, inspired by Buddhist meditative practices.

The current Handel House Talent artists each will be performing a concert showcasing their talents and their interests. Mezzo-soprano Ellie Minney is presenting The Art of Obligato with violinist Davina Clarke with music by Bach and Handel. Bach's violin playing is also the centrepiece of John Crockatt (violin) and Tom Foster (harpsichord) recital Bach's Violin. And Bach crops up again in The Well Tempered Italians with harpsichordist Aidan Phillips performing Bach's harpsichord transcriptions of concerti by Vivaldi and Marcello alongside his own Italian Concerto. Olwen Foulkes (recorder) and Nathaniel Mander (harpsichord) will be exploring music associated with te Academy of Arcadia. Harpsichordist Satoko Doi-Luck will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of Francois Couperin's L'art de toucher le Clavecin, and Mirjam Munzel (recorders) will be Introducing Monsieur Buffardin, the virtuosic 18th century French flautist, for whom both Bach and Quantz wrote music.

There is also a Christmas Showcase at St George's Church, Hanover Square, where all the Handel Talent young artists will be performing (as soloists and ensembles), and there will be a premiere of a new piece by Hunter Coblentz.

Full details from the Handel & Hendricks in London website, along with details of all the other lovely concerts that I haven't mentioned!

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