Thursday 6 October 2016

Launch of composer Tamara Konstanin's debut disc

Tamara Konstantin
To the august portals of the Reform Club in St James's on Wednesday 5 October, 2016 for the launch of composer Tamara Konstantin's debut disc on Stone Records. Born in Georgia, where she attended the Tiblisi School for Gifted Musicians, she had a career in the media and business before devoting herself to music when she came to the UK. In style, her music is highly accessible and universal, often inspired by past masters. At the launch she played a short recital, which opened with a fantasy based upon Beethoven Moonlight Sonata with a new counter-melody played on the cello Jiaxin Lloyd Webber. Tamara's music has already been heard on Classic FM, as David Mellor has played some of it on his programme.

This first disc, Inflections, is entirely of piano music, played by Tamara Konstantin and Duncan Honeybourne, but we are promised a follow-up disc which will include some chamber music and we heard a number of teasers including movements from her Dorset Suite for piano trio.

Inflections was released on 5 October 2016 and is available via Amazon.

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