Tuesday 15 October 2019

The German men's choir Sonat Vox & founder conductor Justus Merkel make their London debut on their first International tour

Sonat Vox, Justus Merkel
Sonat Vox, Justus Merkel
The German men's choir Sonat Vox was formed in 2015 by the young conductor Justus Merkel, who continues to conduct them. The ensemble of over 20 altos, tenors and basses is made up of former members of the Windsbach Boys Choir (which was founded in 1946 in Windsbach, Bavaria, which is 29 km South-West of Nuremberg), where the young men have received a sound musical education since childhood. And Merkel is also a product of the same choir.

The choir performs a wide range of repertoire from Renaissance to Modern with an emphasis on a cappella music, and having altos as well as tenors and basses, means that they are able to move away from the traditional male voice choir repertoire.

The choir has been making its debut UK tour (and the choir's first international tour) and under Justus Merkel's direction arrives in London this week for two concerts which will combine sacred music with German folk-songs, at St James's Piccadilly (17 October 2019, see EventBrite) and The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) (18 October 2019, see EventBrite).

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  1. Transcendent, ethereal, gorgeous singing in a perfect acoustical setting. Absolutely beautiful. I've been singing in choral groups for 50+ years and this group brought tears to my eyes on this wet, rainy day in Anaheim, CA.


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