Wednesday 29 April 2020

The projects so-far: Mahogany Opera Group's blog explores the creative processes of its projects for this years Various Stages Festival

Mahogany Opera Group -Various Stages Festival
Mahogany Opera Group -Various Stages Festival
Mahogany Opera Group's Various Stages Festival was meant to culminate in a showcase day on 19 March 2020, when the five different groups working on five new operatic projects (at various stages in the project's development) would be able to present work and enter into discussions about it with the audience [see my article about the 2017 festival]. Inevitably, the 19 March event was cancelled, but that does not mean that the work put in by the creators over the last year has entirely disappeared.

Mahogany Opera Group has pulled together a blog with postings from the various different creative artists talking about their work, and giving us a hint of what we might experience when we are finally able to see and hear these new pieces.

There are five works in development, Anna and Isobel Hughes's A Place to Fall to Pieces, Toria Banks and Amble Skuse's A Reasonable Adjustment, Wojciech Rusin's Cymphonium, Nwando Ebizie's Hildegard: Visions, and Peter Cant and Jessica Maryon Davies's Hooligan. We also hear from Mahogany's artistic director Frederic Wake-Walker, and from composer Rolf Hind whose Rumi Passion was also due to be showcased at the festival.

Full details from the Mahogany Opera Group website.

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