Out of the Shadows

Friday, 16 July 2021

Celebrating Dante

Yoot is a London-based composer who was commissioned to write a new piece as part of Turin's celebrations of Dante's 700th anniversary. The music was part of a visual installation, and now Yoot has released a single from it on YouTube, music which has hints of minimalism and ambient and more. You can hear more on Yoot's YouTube channel.


  1. I listened to this piece on YouTube and was transported in a dream, as airy and light as a feather, I loved it ! A very beautiful piece and a very talented composer.

  2. Wonderful piece of music, very relaxing, I'm taking it to my masseuse to play next time.

  3. Adored this piece! Totally ethereal and transportive.

  4. Une invitation à rêver ! Ça fait un bien fou :-) On en veut encore !


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