Tuesday 6 July 2021

We Can Make It

A year ago, nobody knew that the global effects of COVID would still be so prevalent now, with a huge and lasting effect to global economies and mental health on a scale yet unforeseen. One year on from the release of the anthem for kindness Can You Hear Me - a collaboration between Rupert Gough & The Choir of Royal Holloway composed by Thomas Hewitt Jones with words by Matt Harvey - the composer, lyricist and choir have once again collaborated to release We Can Make It, an anthem which is written in solidarity with all children and young people who are struggling at this time.

We can make it was recorded in the chapel of Royal Holloway, and the choir is joined by treble soloist Isaac Stott, who is in his final year as a chorister in Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum.   

Read my recent interview with Rupert Gough, chatting about the Choir of Royal Holloway's recent disc of music by Pierre Villette.

Support Save the Children by downloading We Can Make It

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