Tuesday 27 July 2021

Celebrating Josquin 500 with viols, voices and more

The Francesco Linarol tenor viol (c 1540)

This year is the 500th anniversary of Josquin's death and the sheer breadth of his music is being celebrated widely. The Linarol Consort of Renaissance viols is having festival of its own in August and September where they are joining with friends to celebrate the composer's music both live and online.

First off, the Linarol Consort and soprano Héloïse Bernard will be exploring Josquin's chansons and instrumental music in Baisiez Moi in Folkestone (14/8/2021, online from 28/8/2021). Then the Consort and the men of the Binchois Consort perform Pie memorie in Leominster (20/8/21, online from 27/8/2021)  where they imagine Josquin’s friends, colleagues and admirers coming together to pay their funeral respects with viols and voices in songs and motets of lamentation, ending with Jean Richafort’s profoundly moving Requiem in memoriam Josquin Desprez. Then lutenist Jacob Heringman will be performing Inviolata, his exploration of lute transcriptions of Josquin's music in Leominster (16/9/2021, online 28/9/2021).

There is also one purely online concert, on 1 October 2021, when the American ensemble Nota Bene Viol Consort present Like a Virgin!, an exploration of Flemish polyphony through a woman’s eye.

The Linarol Consort takes its name from the maker of the original viol on which the instruments they play are modeled: all are copies of one surviving viol by the Venetian maker Francesco Linarol (c1520-1577), who was active throughout the 16th century and currently displayed in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Full details from the Linarol Consort's Josquin 500 website.

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