Monday 11 October 2021

OnJam Lounge at the Fidelio Cafe

Harry Rylance & Lotte Betts-Dean filmed at Fidelio Cafe for OnJam
Harry Rylance & Lotte Betts-Dean filmed at Fidelio Cafe for OnJam

A new series of films recorded at the Fidelio Cafe by tenor & film maker Andrew Staples will be premiering as part of OnJam Lounge on Each film is 30 to 40 minutes long, informal concert footage recorded at the Fidelio Cafe. Staples explained that "This is bespoke content made for your screen but aiming to capture that essence of excitement that makes live performances unique. It’s unvarnished - yet highly polished." Each of the films will be premiered exclusively on in late October 2021 and shown in the OnJam Lounge Festival in November 2021.

The performers are British jazz pianist, Jason Rebello, violinist & vocalist Lizzie Ball and accordionist Miloš Milivojević, mezzo-soprano Helen Charlston and pianist Natalie Burch, mezzo-soprano Lotte Betts-Dean and pianist Harry Rylance, The Marsyas Trio (flautist Helen Vidovich, cellist Val Welbanks and pianist Olga Stezhko), and vocalist & songwriter Anna B Savage.

OnJam Lounge is currently OnJam's only self-produced series; performers are paid an upfront fee and receive a 50% share of net profits, plus 95% of tips or donations.

Further information from website.

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