Thursday 22 December 2022

Paul Roland's Nosferatu

Paul Roland's ballet Nosferatu: the Strange Case of Jonathan Harker

English singer-songwriter (and journalist) Paul Roland is best known for his psychpop/baroque goth, dark folk music (of which he has over 20 albums) But he also writes music in a more serious vein, writing A Grimm Fantasy for Orchestra, a string quartet and a Gothic ballet, Nosferatu: The Strange Case of Jonathan Harker. The ballet premiered at the Novecento New Music festival in Italy earlier this year with choreography by Paola Pedrazzini.

Further information about Paul Roland's music from his website, where the complete Nosferatu score is availableAnd you can also read Paul's recent interview on the Meet the Artist website, where he includes both Marc Bolan and Michael Nyman as influences.

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