Wednesday 25 January 2023

Combining classical repertoire with experimentation and unconventional instruments: Les Salons en Musique at the Institut français

Les Salons en Musique

The Institut français created its concert series,  Les Salons en Musique on the occasion of the restoration of its 1907 Pleyel grand piano in 2018, and the series continues to be an innovative exploration of contemporary trends in chamber music.

Coming up in February, on 2 February the Trio No Bad Vibes (Percussions de Strasbourg) presents L’Air(e) as the three percussionists, Francois Papirer, Enrico Pedicone, and Remi Schwartz, explore a diversity of percussion instruments mixing improvisation and performance with music by Jacques Rebotier, Steve Reich, and others. [further details].

Further ahead there are concerts from pianist, composer and improvisor, Pascale Berthelot, and Ensemble Variances (founded French composer and pianist Thierry Pécou)

Full details from the Institut français website.

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