Tuesday 26 September 2023

BBC Young Composer 2023 winners announced

One of the BBC Young Composer Days
One of the BBC Young Composer Days
BBC Young Composer was founded in 1998 and has since then offered a platform for young composers across the UK with alumni including Shiva Feshareki, Kate Whitley, Alissa Firsova, Mark Simpson, Tom Harrold, and Duncan Ward. The results for the 2023 BBC Young Composer have been announced with winners selected from over 350 applications from across the UK, with genres spanning song writing, film/ soundtrack music, choral, solo instrument, jazz, rock, pop, electronic and contemporary. 

Each composition was assessed on its compositional idea, creativity and originality, and was judged anonymously. The judging panel of composers and musicians included Lloyd Coleman, Shiva Feshareki, Abimaro Gunnell, Gavin Higgins, Cassie Kinoshi, Eímear Noone, as well as industry experts Katie Tearle and David Pickard, Director of the BBC Proms

The six winners are:

  • Lower Junior Category (age 12-14)
    • Atharv Gupta – Demain, Dès L'Aube
    • Avram Harris – Across the Void 
  • Upper Junior Category (age 15-16)
    • Advaith Jagannath – Saturn Devouring his Son
    • Pascal Bachmann – Étude-Grotesque 
  • Senior Category (age 17-18)
    • Jamie Smith – Into Oblivion
    • Reese Carly Manglicmot – Rumble

Now, the six composers have been invited to participate in a yearlong tailored development programme to work with a mentor composer on a project with members of the BBC Concert Orchestra. This will culminate in a live performance or broadcast opportunity at a later date.

Additionally, nine entrants have received a ‘highly commended’ award and will be offered a feedback session with a member of the competition judging panel. These composers are: 

Easher Austin, Natalie Denley, Olivier Horn (Lower Junior Category)

Edward Harris-Brown, Jamaal Kashim, Taro d’Aronville (Upper Junior Category)

Finty Woold, Harry Baines and Nina Martin (Senior Category).

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