Kristjan Järvi with Gidon Kramer and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic
Kristjan Järvi with Gidon Kramer and the Baltic Sea Philharmonic

Robert's interviews with the composers, singers, instrumentalists, conductors, directors and all those others who are making waves in the classical world, both the famous and those who are starting to make names for themselves.

Interviews are normally scheduled to publicise a particular event, but sometimes they happen simply because an artist is happy to be talked to about their career. And interesting things can happen, my interview with Rhian Lois included a fascinating talk about what its like to sing when pregnant. Politics and the state of society have, not surprisingly, cropped up more than once. Jan Vogler, the intendant of the Dresden Music Festival was concerned to use the arts to counter the atmosphere created by the anti-Islam demonstrations in Dresden, whilst both conductor Kristjan Järvi and composer Sven Helbig were both concerned with the nature of today's society and the relationship between music, the arts and society.

And in 2022 it was my turn to be interviewed, for Expressive Audio.




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