Thursday 16 June 2005

Crash, Bang, Wallop

This morning I went to my PC at 7.15am as usual, only to discover that there was no power. After lots of investigation I came to exactly the same conclusion. So now its over to Technical Support at PC World. Until then, I'm reduced to doing my emails from the Internet booth's at my Gym, ho hum.

This sent me scurrying to my back-ups, only to discover that the last one of my music is moderately recent but no exactly fresh and that my email database and accounts are way out of date on backup. I always intend to backup regularly, but never quite get around to doing it, till something like this happens.

I've finished the 3rd movement of the Magi piece; I started in the middle, so I set the best known passage of Lancelot Andrewes' sermon first. I have now set to work on the opening. He starts with quoting the relevant scripture passage about the Magi in both English and Latin, cue for a rather fun setting of the 2 passages together, well sort of, in 2 different keys - something I'm always rather fond of.

I've now reached the stage of having all sort of doubts about the piece, and worrying about variety etc.; a phase that always seems to happen.

I've resolved to write some more songs. I keep doing this (resolving to, not actually doing), but always get a bit stumped over lyrics. I can see I'm going to have to haunt the poetry section of the local library

Off to Eugene Onegin at ENO; the delectable Gerald Finley, in the title role, has received fabulous notices.

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