Thursday 23 June 2005

Next stage

We had the first rehearsal for the Cranmer concert last night, at St. Giles Cripplegate where we will be performing on Friday 1st. It didn't help my nerves that the church was only opened dead on 7pm so I had visions of us holding the rehearsal in the square outside St. Giles; at least the weather was hot.

Jonathan Cottle came along, so we were able to try out the choir and cello piece properly, it works very well and doesn't sound too much like John Tavener. The 4 Introit Motets from Tempus per Annum seemed to be surprisingly tricky, but I've never been very good at assessing how difficult my music is to sing. But I was pleased with their effect, though not without the odd twinge of worry that everyone will fine them boring; I'm always prone to such anxieties before a concert.

My review of Grange Park Opera's Maria Stuarda is now on the web here complete with some handsome photos. We're off there again on Saturday, to see South Pacifc.

My fit of activity on Monday, writing music with music paper rather than computer (as said computer was defunct) seems to have paid off. I have nearly finished transcribing the results and have 2.5 new motets for Tempus per Annum I'm rather pleased with them, though of course they need their faces wiping a bit before they are really done.


  1. Anonymous10:57 am

    Robert - Just a little note to say that it's great to keep receiving your occasional musical updates. Don't know whether you remember me - thanks to an introduction from Paul Ayres, I think, I sang both T and B for you in FifteenB a couple of times in 2002, most memorably in The Barbarian at the Gate. I live in Philadelphia now - I'm doing a PhD in Linguistics there - and singing in a wonderful little a capella (mostly) choir called Ancient Voices. Music up to and including Monteverdi only. Really enjoying that.

    Stay in touch anyway, but do particularly get in touch if you are ever to be in our part of the States. Oh, and congratulations on your (upcoming?) 50th! I was really surprised when I read that (on the FifteenB website - I would have placed you about a decade younger.

    All the best - D.

  2. Damian. Nice to hear from you. I do remember you, I always remember
    useful singers! Glad the Ph.D. and singing are doing well.


    PS I can't take any credit for my good state of preservation, both my
    parents were/are just the same!


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