Monday 6 June 2005

The Print Shop again

Last week, besides recovering from our holiday, we took delivery of a new printer, another HP Laserjet to replace our existing ailing one. This time, it does double sided printing automatically - bliss.

It proved an unexpected boon as last week I came home to a request to supply 120 copies of one of my motets from Tempus per Annum, to go to America. This on top of printing the flyers for our Cranmer concert.
At first things did not go well with the new printer, but once I'd twigged that it worked better connected via a new USB cable rather than the old printer cable, everything went well. So for a goodly part of last week the new printer showed its mettle by churning out motets and leaflets

Said motets are now duly posted and on Saturday we leafleted various venues around the Barbican, so I have been able to get round to doing something constructive, like writing music again!

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