Tuesday 26 July 2005

En route for Strasbourg

Last night we had a London Concord Singers rehearsal with the smaller group of us who are going to Strasbourg in August. We're doing basically the same programme as that which we did in London on July 14th; entitled A Musical Tour of the EU this includes music from a variety of eras and countries in Europe, including my own motet Respice Domine. Its a little challenging, doing some of the works with a smaller group and I'm the only 2nd tenor, which is tiring; but I think things are going well.

I'm the tour manager for the trip, so last night was our briefing session, with everyone getting their timetables and information packs. Luckily this year I've been able to do all of the business by fax and email, no long conversations in Franglais thank goodness.

We're performing in St. Thomas's Church, Rue Martin Luther, Strasbourg on Saturday 6th August 2005 and then doing Mass at the Cathedral on the Sunday.

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