Wednesday 20 July 2005

Guitar Manoevres

We've spent the weekend starting the publicity for the release of the score of Ricardo Frantz's Suite Urania for clarinet, guitar and piano. We're publishing it on our Spherical Editions imprint. Previously we've just published my stuff but are expanding with tentative steps. Ricardo is a young Brazilian composer and artist, his details are here, the page also gives some samples of the music and midi files for all 5 movements. But just to tempt you, here is a midi file of the first movement.

Its a bit of a new venture for us, but widens the range of music we have available on the website and Ricardo's style is very different to mine. Ricardo is also an artist and designed the artwork on the cover of music.

So now, having been busy doing all sorts of other musical odds and ends, I finally have time to get back to my Magi piece, setting excerpts from Lancelot Andrewes's sermon on the Nativity, for those that are interested the full sermon is here.
It is always difficult to get into the right frame of mind when coming back to a piece, continuing work on the first movement this morning was slow going and I hope things improve. Having only written 1.5 movement so far, I can't see the piece being finished in time to have it performed for Christmas this year, so it looks like being Christmas 2006!

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  1. Anonymous12:15 am

    Thanks for this. Will let you know when I can start playing them with ease.


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