Saturday 18 March 2006

First Contact

Last night we had the first rehearsal for my setting of the 2nd Duino Elegy which is being premiered on Thursday. The piece involves a baritone and full orchestra but last night it was just the baritone, David Greiner, conductor, Adrian Brown, and a pianist. Even with these reduced forces it was wonderful hearing the work for the first time.

I'm always a nervous when encountering a work in performance for the first time; it's the same at the first choir rehearsal of a work. The worry is about whether it will work, but also what the effect on the performers will be. This latter is particularly true when working with amateurs who are my friends as they let me know what they think; which is what friends are for! As ever, the work went well last night and it does work. I can't wait for the first orchestral rehearsal, on Sunday, to hear it with the orchestra.

And so, back to choral mode today as we go off to Oxford for the Cranmer memorial concert.

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