Thursday 16 March 2006


Last night we had the last rehearsal in London for the Oxford Cranmer memorial concert on Saturday. Logistics meant that I had to rehearse some of my own pieces, which was a great novelty. I have not conducted much recently, and on reflection I think I still prefer sitting listening to someone else shaping my music. I have never really had a strong urge to go out and conduct/perform my pieces, I much prefer the role of arranging/fixing performances.

Tomorrow, the baritone soloist for the Salomon concert on Thursday flies in and we start rehearsals with him.

The dining room table at home is starting to acquire a series of piles of paper; music to take, lists of things to remember, instructions from the on-line box offices we're using (TicketsOxford in Oxford and TicketWeb in London). There are still some last minute details to sort out and the vexed question of locating a set of stands for the singers to use. Not to mention the rather nail-biting issue of watching the progress of ticket sales on-line!

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