Friday 5 January 2007


A couple of slightly out of the way events this weekend. First off, we're going to The Young Vic theatre tonight to see their show, The Enchanted Pig. Its a sort of opera by the ever wonderful Jonathan Dove. The cast includes the veteran opera singers John Rawnsley and Nuala Willis. As it is their family Christmas show, it is a modern take on the fairy tale theme. Its a co-production with The Opera Group, so it is going on tour later this year.

Then on Sunday we are going to a concert called Vivaldi's Women at St. George's Church, Bloomsbury. This is presented by SPAV (Schola Pietatis Antonio Vivaldi), a group dedicated to presenting the music that Vivaldi wrote for the girls of the Pieta in a form that he would have recognised, viz. with an all female choir. The group uses women tenors and basses, quite a feat. Their work is supported by researcher Micky White, who lives at La Pieta and researches Vivaldi's life and work. She will be speaking at Sunday's concert. It promises to be a fascinating afternoon.

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