Friday 19 January 2007

Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence, its been one of those weeks requiring planning and organisation for two of the big projects that I have on the go.

First off, our concert on March 18th at All Saints, Margaret Street. Its tricky enough getting a rehearsal schedule together which allows all 6 of us to be present, but we've had to fix up rehearsal venues and an organist. This latter has been a bit challenging regarding schedules, but luckily we've managed to get Paul Ayres to play for us, so we'll be in safe hands. Mind you, we have had to be a bit creative with the rehearsal scheduling. All I have to do now is get the music in a fit state for Paul to play from!

Then things also started moving on the recording front. I've been finalising contracts with the record company, via email luckily. Also, rehearsal schedules had to be addressed here and venues, both fixed now for the string orchestra which is one less thing to worry about. Another item on the worry list is the pitch of the organ at the recording venue, its a bit above concert pitch (not as much as a semi-tone). I think we'll be able to work round this, but its one more thing on the list.

In a couple of weeks time I'm off to visit the recording venue and see the organ. Also on the cards is a meeting with the record company's PR person. It almost feels as if we might be doing a recording! I've finally sent the conductor all the scores we'll be doing and have to address myself to the vexed question of producing the string parts - always a tedious business.

We're rehearsing for the March 18th concert tonight, and then we are off to the Royal Opera House tomorrow for the new production of La Fille du Regiment, can't wait!

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