Monday 3 September 2012

Opera for a Change

Opera for a Change are a group of singers and performers who plan to take a production of Mozart's Magic Flute across Africa on a lorry, from Nairobi to Cape Town. From November to December 2012 there is a pilot project where four of the team will drive the route and meet local partners in order to build collaborations for the main project. Their vision is to take a travelling festival of stories and songs along a route that stretches more than 5000 miles though 9 countries.

Those involved in the project are Andy staples, Louis Watt, Poppy Savage and Sarah Harvey. During November and December they will be running workshops as as they travel, firmly of the belief of the power of music and story telling to bring people together and make lives better.  Each time they stop there will be a mini festival lasting around a week, tailored to the location and the people.

Its all a bit crazy, but really rather wonderful. You can find out more from the  Opera for a Change  website.

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