Saturday 22 March 2014

News Northern Trust supports RPO Resound

RPO Resound: Greenhill Aphasia Group December 2012
RPO Resound
Greenhill Aphasia Group
December 2012
The Northern Trust has announced that it is collaborating with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's (RPO) Community and Education programme, RPO Resound, to establish the Northern Trust: Young Person's Music and Mentoring Programme. RPO Resound was established by the RPO in 1993 and its aim is to promote music through artistically driven projects with groups from primary schools to homeless shelters. The collaboration with Northern Trust will support greater outreach for the programme in London, with Northern Trust's support focussing on three main groups, primary school children, looked after children and children with special educational needs.

In addition, Northern Trust already has a community partnership programme which enables permanent employees to spend two paid days of the office per year supporting charity and community initiatives. The collaboration with RPO Resound offers Northern Trust employees the opportunity to volunteer and mentor children taking part in the projects The first project launches on 21 March with a group of primary school children in Lewisham.

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