Monday 8 September 2014

Oxford Lieder Festival's Schubert Project

Oxford Lieder Festival - Schubert project
This year, the Oxford Lieder Festival is doing something amazing, bringing all of Schubert's songs to Oxford. In the space of three weeks (from 10 October to 1 November 2014) you can hear every single one of the songs Schubert wrote (and a lot more besides) sung by a dazzling array of talent, including Thomas Allen (25/10), Ian Bostridge (16/10), Christiane Karg (21/10), Susan Gritton )26/10), Dietrich Henschel (17/10), Robert Holl (28/10), Wolfgang Holzmair (30/10), Sophie Karhauser (11/10), Angelika Kirschschlager (29/10), Jonathan Lemalu (1/11), Mark Padmore (24/10), Christoph Pregardien(19/10) and Roderick Williams (15/10). The festival opens with a mezzo-soprano Sarah Connolly being joined by an amazing array of tenors and baritones (John Mark Ainsley, Joshua Ellicott, James Gilchrist, Danile Norman, Neal Davies, William Dazely, Stephan Loges and Christopher Maltman) for the serenade Zogend leise, songs and partsongs.

There are more than 60 concerts, but the brochure has a Schubert Complete Songs Trail so if you follow it, you will hear ever one of Schubert's songs. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In addition there are a number of contributory events. The Bodleian Library will be showing several Schubert manuscripts. There is plenty of Schubert's sacred music being performed in Oxford's churches and chapels 'during the period, and there are a number of take part events including a Festival Chorus and 'bring and sing' days. Iain Burnside has a new play, Why does the Queen Die?

Further information from the Oxford Lieder Festival's website.

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