Thursday 15 January 2015

Calling young singers - Glyndebourne Academy

Singers at the 2012 Glyndebourne Academy - photo credit David Illman
Singers at the 2012 Glyndebourne Academy
 photo credit David Illman
In response to a lack of diversity amongst young singers, Glyndebourne has set up a scheme talented young singers help to pursue professional training. The Glyndebourne Academy is for singers with exceptional potential aged 16-26 whose circumstances, whether economic, social or geographic, have prevented them from following a traditional path towards a career. It was devised after a 2008 conference The Singers of Tomorrow, held at the National Opera Studio. As a result Glyndebourne and Mary King (now artistic director of the Glyndebourne Academy) set up a prototype scheme which ran in 2012. King commented that 'With no access to good musical education and advice, it is difficult for a late starter to really compete at conservatoire entrance-stage. We wondered; could we identify a small group of exceptionally talented singers who had fallen through the gaps and take them through a process that would make a difference?'

The singers will receive a one day introduction, five-day immersive residential course and a follow-up weekend and evening recital at Glyndebourne. Applications are now open for 2015, and those interested should go to the Glyndebourne Academy web page. There is a film about the 2012 Glyndebourne Academy on Vimeo

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