Monday 2 October 2017

Quickening - lastest review on MusicWeb International

Head over to the MusicWeb International website to read the latest review of Quickening: Songs by Robert Hugill to texts by English and Welsh poets.

  • 'His candid gift for gracious melody is never in doubt and if the songs show a leaning towards mournful beauty and sorrowing ecstasy then that is an aspect of the genre which clearly speaks to Hugill.'   
  • 'The singing duties are primarily shouldered by the inward glowing voice of baritone Johnny Herford'
  • 'Huntley and her songs have more of soprano lightness about them. Her voice reminds me of that of the young Janet Baker.' 
  • 'The prize-winning and very sensitively engaged violist, Rosalind Ventris completes the picture'
                 Rob Barnett, MusicWeb International

Read the full review on MusicWeb International.

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