Thursday 29 October 2020

World Stroke Day: debut Orlando Gough's new film opera with Garsington Opera, Rosetta Life and stroke survivors

Orlando Gough: I look for the think - Garsington Opera, Rosetta Life

Today (29 October 2020) is World Stroke Day and later today a new filmed opera by Orlando Gough, I look for the think, will receive its debut for staff and patients at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Made by Garsington Opera and their partners Rosetta Life with stroke survivors, Garsington's adult community company and professional singers during lockdown, the work is about love after stroke. sixty stroke survivors, supported by pioneering arts-health organisation Rosetta Life and by their carers, worked to overcome the physical and neurological difficulties that prevent them from using tools that most take for granted: keyboards, microphones, headphones and the internet. Together with professional musicians, soloists Robert Gildon and Melanie Pappenheim, and the Adult Community Company from Garsington Opera, the participants from Bristol, Berkshire and London rehearsed and filmed a twelve-minute opera, I Look For The Think, based on the lived experience of participant Kim Fraser and his wife and carer, Sarah.

The film will be screened on Rosetta Life's Facebook page at 6pm tonight, when there will be a live Q&A with the practitioners, alongside the launch of Recovering Hope, the handbook for Stroke Odysseys, the arts health intervention that I Look For The Think is part of.

The film will be available on OperaVision.

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