Tuesday 6 April 2021

60 Artists, 28 Nationalities, 24 Cities - a new on-line festival

nexTus festival

Starting on 17 April, a new festival nexTus will be presenting a series of performances on-line, hosting over 60 artists across the world, from 28 different countries. There will be 16 hours of concerts, plus discussions and talks spread across four consecutive weekends. Each weekend is themed, the first one is Tango and Tradition, the second The Sands of Time, the third Together Alone and the last nexTus Legacy.

The festival is designed as a fully interactive feast in which audiences can discuss the performances over a glass of wine every evening and take part in informative talks on topics such as the overlooked role of female composers and green living. (in interactive zoom meetings).

Perhaps, most importantly the entire festival has been designed, produced and marketed by the performers themselves (you can read more about them at the website), helping them to learn crucial self-starter skills for what will be a radically altered music scene once the restrictions begin to be eased back. The event is the brainchild of performers participating in the Vienna-based (Be Your Own Manager) Academy founded by executive coach and leadership innovator Bernhard Kerres, and will be hosted on the BYOM platform.

Further details from the BYOM website.

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