Thursday 8 April 2021

Projecting young people's vision of the future through music and dance - Learning@TheGrange collaborates with the World Wildlife Fund

This year from April to June, the Grange Festival's education team, Learning@TheGrange is collaborating with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on a project with over 200 young people (age 7 to 23) from schools and organisations across Hampshire which will result in films projecting the young people's vision of the future at several international conferences..

The project kicks off with presentations from WWF to the young people highlighting the uniqueness of different global habitats and providing scientific evidence.

Then, supported by Learning@TheGrange, the students will respond to the issues and challenges identified by writing text, composing music and choreographing dance to create an original piece which represents their vision of the future. The outcome will be a collection of short films representing the voice of young people and which imaginatively illustrate the kind of future they want.  Throughout 2021, the ‘Super year of Nature‘, the films will be shown at several international climate change conferences.

In addition to this, instrumentalists from Hampshire County Youth Orchestra will compose an orchestral piece in response to their chosen habitat under the direction of leading British composer Jonathan Dove, and the finished piece will be choreographed by Wessex Dance who will respond to both the music and the subject matter.

Learning@TheGrange - Future Visions from The Grange Festival on Vimeo.

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