Friday 23 April 2021

Piano, oud, percussion, lute, theorbo and guitar: NW Arts explores the theme of belonging with an intriguing combination of instruments

Attab Haddad, Christina McMaster, Antonio Romero, Toby Carr (Photo NW Arts)
Attab Haddad, Christina McMaster, Antonio Romero, Toby Carr (Photo NW Arts)

NW Live Arts
latest concert, Belonging on 21 May 2021 at the Salvation Army Hall, 10-16 Haverstock Hill, NW3 2BL, will feature an intriguing combination of instruments. Christina McMaster (piano), Toby Carr (lute, theorbo and Baroque guitar), Attab Haddad (oud), and Antonio Romero (percussion) will perform an imaginative programme ranging from contemporary music to familiar and less familiar classical music, middle eastern music as well as improvisations and a new work by Attab Haddad, all on the theme of belonging, exploring identity and our sense of place in the world. Interwoven with the music will be readings from Write to Life, the writing and performance group from Freedom from Torture.

The programme will include music by Dowland, Scarlatti and Lully, solo piano works by Satie and Bach, and improvisations, alongside contemporary works by Birtwistle, Fasil Say, Ligeti and a new work by Attab Haddad. 

There will be readings of poetry on the theme of belonging created by refugees from creative workshops with Freedom from Torture’s Write to Life creative group, led by writer and filmmaker Sheila Hayman, and the workshop participants met with the musicians to co-curate how the readings of their work will feature alongside the music performed on 21 May.

As a complement to this, NW Live Arts has been seeking public submissions to an online project, #AsYouSeeIt 2 where audiences were invited to share their creative response to the theme of 'belonging' and submit drawings, paintings, words, photos, or something to show what 'belonging' means to them [see NW Arts website]. NW Live Arts' musicians then selected a handful of images which really inspired them, responding to these pictures with a short-improvised performance. Their performances have been filmed and shared on social media in split screen alongside their chosen pictures. 

Further details from Eventbrite.

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