Monday 7 February 2022

Hareflight celebrates the dramatic potential of the irreconcilable.

Tiepolo: The Discovery of the True Cross
Tiepolo: The Discovery of the True Cross

Composer Alastair White, having completed his trio of fashion operas ROBE, RUNE, and WOAD [see my review of the recent recording of WOAD], has a new opera debuting later this month. Hareflight, a new opera for tenor and flute, debuts at Leicester Guildhall on 25 February 2022, performed by flautist Jenni Hogan and tenor Niki Zohdi.

White explains, "Hareflight explores the relationship between truth and knowledge, dramatising motion, light and even affect to propose an aesthetic of the thought or dance which moves faster than its crystallisation into sentence or gesture. The team and I were very much inspired by The Discovery of the True Cross by Tiepolo, taking the painter’s radical apprehension of both the infinite and the apparent, an idea we’ve tried to unpack through a language of developmental speed, interpretive complexity and paradox.

The opera hopes to offer evidence of the imperceptible (or that which is beyond the listening individual’s apprehension) as a significant aesthetic force. And, in turn, to prove the hypothesis that certain relations exist as material instances external to musical objects. In opposition to trends that sanitise collisions of meaning between opposing models, Hareflight celebrates the dramatic potential of the irreconcilable."

Hareflight is part of UK New Artists' City Takeover which brings over 75 artists to the Leicester between 25 and 27 February 2022 to present work and share ideas, celebrating some of the very best of contemporary arts being made in the UK today 

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