Thursday 24 March 2022

Six Brandenburgs: Six Commissions

St Mary's Abbey, West Malling - the modern church & Norman tower
St Mary's Abbey, West Malling - the modern church & Norman tower

Music@Malling is festival that brings music to historic venues in and around West Malling in Kent. The main festival is in October each year, but in April 2022 the festival is having an extra outing. Across three concerts on 23 April 2022 in St Mary's Abbey in West Malling, Music@Malling presents Six Brandenburgs: Six Commissions, a delayed celebraton of the 300th anniversary of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos which were presented to the Margrave of Brandenburg by Bach in 1721.

Steven Devine will direct Chamber Domaine in all six Brandenburg Concertos, and each concerto will be accompanied by a new piece, conducted by Thomas Kemp, artistic director of Music@Malling. Six composers, Brian Elias, Daniel Kidane, Deborah Pritchard, Stevie Wishart, Joseph Phibbs and Michael Price have each written a piece that is intended as a response to one of the Bach concertos.

This pairing of old and new is echoed by the venue, which is a 1960s chapel at St Mary's Abbey (currently home to an order of Benedictine nunes) as part of an abbey founded originally in 1090.

Full details from the Music@Malling website.

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