Tuesday 12 May 2020

Ailsa Dixon's Three Fugues on Biblical Subjects multi-tracked on Renaissance lutes by Linda Sayce

The music of the British composer Ailsa Dixon (1932-2017) is being gradually re-discovered, including the premiere of an anthem in the presence of the composer by London Oriana Choir shortly before Dixon's death. The current crisis has (temporarily) prevented live performances of Dixon's music, but to celebrate Ailsa's husband Brian's 89th birthday, lutenist Linda Sayce has recorded Dixon's Three Fugues on Biblical Subjects, performing them for the first time since their composition. The three fugues are:

  • Four-part fugue: Since by man came death
  • Three-part fugue: And I will write my law in their inward parts
  • Four-part fugue: By the waters of Babylon

Ailsa Dixon was herself a lutenist, and one of the fugues was written out in lute tablature with the intention of presenting it to the Lute Society in memory of Dixon's teacher, the Society’s founder, Diana Poulton. Following their rediscovery, Lynda Sayce, has arranged the three fugues for her family of Renaissance lutes in different sizes.

Further information from the Ailsa Dixon website.

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