Monday 25 May 2020

Lifting the Lid: a chance to explore the mysterious world of the piano accompanist

#LiftingtheLid - SImon Lepper & James Baillieu
For those on the outside, the accompanist's art is a somewhat mysterious one, what they do is important and creating partnerships with instrumentalist or vocal is a prime part of their art. Yet few collaborative pianists talk about what they do, it tends to be the other partner whether vocalist or instrumentalist who features in the spotlight. All this is set to change with Simon Lepper's new series on Instagram, #LiftingTheLid, in which he will be talking to fellow collaborative pianists about their art. The first one went out on Friday, with Roger Vignoles and that is still available [Instagram]. Today (25 May 2020) at 4pm (UK time) Simon will be talking to James Baillieu [see my interview with James and violinist Tasmin Little, chatting about their CPE Bach project].

Catch it on Simon's Instagram feed [Instagram:simon_lepper]

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