Tuesday 1 September 2020

Chamber Music Wednesdays: Artisti con brio's new series at Candid Arts gallery in Islington

Artisti con brio at Candid Arts Gallery

The string ensemble Artisti con brio is presenting a monthly series of chamber concerts on Wednesdays from 9 September 2020. Taking place at the Candid Arts Trust's Candid Gallery in Islington, Chamber Music Wednesdays feature the Corran Quartet (whom we heard last month outdoors in Islington) in Haydn and Beethoven (9/9/2020), along with members of Artisti con brio in  quartets by Reicha, Janacek and Dvorak (14/10/2020), duos and trios by Mozart, Ravel, Beethoven, and Kodaly (11/10/2020), and sextets by Dvorak and Tchaikovksy (9/12/2020).

Full details from the Artisti con brio website.

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