Tuesday 22 September 2020

Make Opera Live Again: Helena Dix returns to Chelsea Opera Group for a live concert at Cadogan Hall with Catherine Carby, Christopher Turner, Julien van Mellaerts and Gary Matthewman

Helena Dix
Helena Dix
Soprano Helena Dix sang the title role in Bellini's Norma with Chelsea Opera Group in 2018, to great acclaim [see my review], and planned a return to the company in June 2020 to sing the role of Queen Elizabeth in Donizetti's opera Roberto Devereux, but fate had other plans. 

Not only was the performance of Roberto Devereux cancelled as a result of lockdown, but Dix herself came down with COVID-19. But the soprano is returning to sing with Chelsea Opera Group with a live audience at the Cadogan Hall on 8 November 2020, when Chelsea Opera Group is presenting Make Opera Live Again a concert of opera arias with a reduced orchestra.

The concert will feature Aria and ensembles from popular works by Verdi, Mozart, Bellini and Donizetti, performed by Helena Dix (soprano), Catherine Carby (mezzo-soprano), Christopher Turner (tenor) and Julien van Mellaerts (baritone), conducted by Gary Matthewman.

Christopher Turner sang the role of Pollione in that 2018 Norma, and had planned the title role in Mozart's Idomeneo with Chelsea Opera Group (another casualty of lockdown). We last caught Catherine Carby as Elcia in Rossini's Moise in Egitto with Chelsea Opera Group in 2018 [see my review]. We last caught Julien van Mellaerts singing the title role on Stanford's The Travelling Companion with New Sussex Opera [see my review], and in the London Song Festival's concert celebrating Walt Whitman's bicentenary [see Anthony's review]

Full details from the Cadogan Hall website.

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