Thursday 4 February 2021

Festival of New goes online at Snape Maltings

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach
Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach
Snape Maltings' Festival of New was supposed to take place last year, showcasing projects created during Residencies at Snape Maltings.

In the event, the live festival was not able to go ahead, but seven artists and groups managed to to safely complete Residencies at Snape Maltings, whilst a further six have Residencies planned for 2021.

To celebrate and showcase this creativity, the Festival of New will take place online on 27 February 2021. The seven artists who have already undertaken residencies will present video snapshots, experiences and documentaries of the work created, whilst the other six artists and groups will discuss their projects and ambitions ahead of the Residencies later this year.

The festival takes place from 2pm on 27 February 2021. Tickets are free, but you have to book online at the Snape Maltings website.

The seven completed Residences are:

  • Letty Stott
    Letty Stott
    Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach: the Scotland-based folk duo have developed a new podcast where guests will bring a basis: melody, song, idea, chord progression, that over the course of a one-hour episode will be developed into a finished piece of music
  • Dom Bouffard: Vengeful Ghost, an immersive new work for electric guitars. Intersecting performance, installation and sound sculpture, the work uses prepared instruments and extended playing techniques in a large-scale surround sound format
  • Letty Stott: Ancient Horns, exploring the visual and sonic possibilities of ancient horns to create a sound world for new compositions
  • Max Baillie & Vahakn Matossian: experimental music and music rooted in pop-culture, a blend of powerful explorational sound journey and tangible concert experience for the listener with viola, percussion and electronics
  • Maz O’Connor: a folksinger who treads new boards as she creates her first piece of music theatre, which tells the true story of Bridget Cleary, a woman who was murdered by her husband in 19th-Century Tipperary because he believed her to be a faery changeling
  • Nick Ryan: Working in the historic acoustic laboratory at BT Martlesham Heath, Nick and his collaborators conducted a series of bizarre, wondrous, and technically sophisticated experiments, aiming to measure qualitative perceptual phenomena of listening typically considered to be unquantifiable
  • Thick & Tight: a dance duo whose work incorporates mime, drag and cultural reference. After being commissioned by Kings Place for the Noh Reimagined Festival, and with an invitation to train with artists in Noh and Kyogen Theatre in Japan, their Residency explored how these art forms can be incorporated into their own work, and where their practices overlap and diverge.

The remaining artists are Emile Levy, Join the Din, Nadine Benjamin, Shruthi Rajasekar & Reylon Yount, Thabo Mkwananzi and Ulita, whose Residencies will take place later this year.

Full details from the Snape Maltings website.

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