Tuesday 30 March 2021

Andrzej Pietrewicz, #4

Andrzej Pietrewicz
Andrzej Pietrewicz

Andrzej Pietrewicz is a young musician, composer and producer based near Toronto, Canada, and he has released his first recording. An EP, simply entitled #4 it contains six tracks, five purely instrumental and one with voice. The music, written for various combinations of piano, strings, guitar, flute and percussion is intriguing in style. Certainly neither new-classical nor minimalist, with a strong contrapuntal feel to it giving all the music a very definite voice.

The EP was written and recorded during lockdown, sometimes in remote collaboration with musicians, including singers Nacre, Timbre, Laura and Caroline Joy Clarke who perform on song 6.

The music is available on YouTube as a playlist, but the EP is also available from Bandcamp and it comes in a homemade paper and cardstock case, which is cut, folded, assembled and glued by hand by Andrzej Pietrewicz using available materials, with hand-written text.

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